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In many cases, especially when getting the highest possible price for your home is the top priority, listing your home on the market with a realtor may be your best option. If you are leaning towards this option, we’ve got you covered.

John Dobson | RealtorĀ® | EXP Realty

In addition to purchasing homes in Edmonton and managing renovations, John is also a licensed real estate agent. While most real estate agents spend the majority of their time assisting buyers, John spends every day talking and working with sellers in all kinds of situations. Because of this, he has become highly specialized and very experienced in assisting these sellers with their unique needs.

This is a step that is almost no other realtor in Edmonton will take with you. The first thing we do, is discuss whether or not listing with a realtor is the right path for you. There are many options to selling your home – listing it yourself as a for sale by owner, selling directly to a business, renting, and many more. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that selling with a realtor is the right option for you, and your unique circumstances and goals.

Once you are certain that listing your property on the MLS is the best option for you, it’s time to plan. For this step John will walk you through the step by step process of selling your home on the market. From virtual walkthroughs, to great photographs and proper market timing, he will review multiple strategies for getting the greatest possible value out of your home.

Following the initial visit and planning, it’s time to prepare your home for listing. This will start with a discussion of the best things you can do to increase the value of your home, and what will likely be worth leaving as is. Usually the preparation step involves cleaning, taking photographs, and often a few repairs. We have a large list of contractors, photographers, and real estate professionals that can assist with any and all aspects of home preparation. The cost of professional photography and virtual walk tours is all on us.

Once all the preparation is done, things get more exciting! It’s time to list the property. It is at this stage that the property becomes visible on the MLS to realtors and home buyers, and the stunning photographs, walk throughs, and written description will be put to use. Once the home is listed, John will check in with you on a regular basis with updates and discussions about strategy to help move towards a successful sale as smoothly and quickly as possible. Through a combination of great marketing and strategic pricing, this should be the easiest phase of the process.

If the previous four steps were done well, this should be a natural conclusion to the process. This stage will involve negotiation, where John will negotiate on your behalf and seek to get you the best market value for your home. As the sale concludes, he will work to make the transition to moving out as seamless as possible.

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